Best online casino 2017 / All Slots scam or not? Review

All Slots scam or not? Review

All Slots Casino is part of the Jackpot Factory Group and was at the very beginning of his career in 2000 winning a license from the Gaming Authority of Malta itself. That alone already the best conditions in order to be able to state that the All Slots Casino is reputable and not All Slots Casino is planning fraud. In addition, the All Slots Casino also a quality seal of eCOGRA was able to secure what can be considered as a further indication of the answer to the question whether the All Slots Casino Scam or legitimate is.

Nevertheless, we examine from the Editorial Team this casino course again in detail in our test.We check every little detail to generate for you, the reader a comprehensive overview. Finally only can such a comprehensive test help ensure that players can really feel safe in a casino.Many of the experiences, for example, already exist in relevant forums, are not always reliable and can be distorted by subjective impressions. We check the other hand objective and for relevant criteria. there are all results on this in our report. Regarding the All Slots Casino we can advance already highlight some particularly positive elements: The aspects licensing and security, game selection and bonus actions, the All Slots Casino to win for themselves. Where this hardly likely to surprise a player, after all, All Slots Casino has been awarded several times.

All Slots Casino which offers

  • Multiple Awards
  • eCOGRA seal of approval
  • Maltese gaming license
  • more than 400 Games
  • Negative: unfortunately Welcome Bonus

Range of casino games: selection of casino games: Over 400 Games

AllSlotsCasino Range of casino games: selection of casino games: Over 400 Games

All Slots Casino reveals his name already his specialty, to which a part of the main attention paid concentrated at the game selection: slot machines. And in fact you can find hundreds of slot machines at All Slots Casino. At the same time, however, other players interests are not neglected. There are also games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat or even Keno on offer. With a total of around 400 different games, the number of which will be expanded still regularly, but that is not surprising.

The software Microgaming available that bring again a few more points, understandably for the All Slots Casino. Microgaming is one of the safest and most reliable producers, in which each player can be sure that the games actually function at random. In addition, include spectacular soundscapes and appealing graphics in Microgaming rigueur, leading to experiences with All Slots Casino total to a respectable rating in this area of our test. 10/10 points.

  • more than 400 games
  • Software from Microgaming

Safety and Licensing: Could not be better

AllSlotsCasino Safety and Licensing: Could not be better

Earlier we already mentioned that the All Slots Casino to full advantage highlights in terms of safety and licensing. With a Maltese license, the operator eventually create it already at the basics the best possible conditions. But All Slots Casino experience also know the quality seal of eCOGRA appreciate that check for example the game security and fair gaming from online casinos. Just in case that a casino meets the stringent requirements of eCOGRA, it must then bear the corresponding label.

Another aspect of the security of the customer plays a role with respect, is the encrypted data transmission. Every time a customer sends his own personal information to the casino, would be possible in an unsecured data transmission that the sensitive information being intercepted.Thanks to the encrypted transmission, which supports the All Slots Casino, is something like this but not possible. 10/10 points.

  • eCOGRA seal of approval
  • Maltese gaming license

Bonus and conditions: The weak point in the program

AllSlotsCasino Bonus and conditions: The weak point in the program

Until now, could shine All Slots Casino experience in every area of our test. When it comes to the current bonus offer for new customers, however, we must recognize that this surprisingly not as well received as expected. Here, the All Slots Casino is actually known for attractive bonus offers.

Overall, distributes the entire bonus package, customers can expect the new customers at All Slots Casino, on four separate bonus tracks that need to be activated in each case by a separate deposit. However, the bonus tracks are not always the same amount of value, and even if not always on the same level deposit. So there is first deposit a bonus of 100 percent with a maximum sum of EUR 200.00. In the second deposit the bonus amount is used for the previous deposit and only 25 percent and can be up to 400,00 Euro additional money bring. The own use is therefore enormous. Subsequently, the amounts must be played separately, so that the money can actually be disbursed. The first deposit bonus must be played through 30 times each in the casino together with the first deposit, for the other three deposit bonuses, it is respectively 25 times the bonus plus the deposit. This is for most players simply too much and so the All Slots Casino Bonus is punished by experiences with All Slots Casino with a mediocre score. 5/10 points.

  • up to 500 € for four deposits
  • Real cash bonus is cashable

Who does not let the first impression fool and therefore would like to turn to a really good bonus offer, which has already cleared some additional points in various test runs, which was once at Best Euro Grand or in the casino club around, because there waving 1,000.00 Euro for new customers.

Deposits and withdrawals: Fast deposits

AllSlotsCasino Deposits and withdrawals: Fast deposits

For those who register at an online casino that wishes to start to make money right away and get back to the game generally. Few things are in such a situation more annoying than a delayed transfer of funds to their own casino account. While many casinos now offer free demo games that can be denied even without money, but those who seek the thrill of knowing that this is not to be found in a free trial version.

All the better to present the fact that the All Slots Casino principle only deposit methods presented, which can hike the amounts immediately from the bank account to the casino account. This is faster than in most other casinos and should therefore be rewarded with a bonus. This is especially true because the deposit methods are all to be described as serious.The same is true for payments, only that they are usually not as fast as the deposits and in some cases up to five business days can avail. 8/10.

  • very fast payments possible
  • Withdrawal options with five days processing time

Customer Service: With free Wi-back service

AllSlotsCasino Customer Service: With free Wi-back service

When it comes to optimal care of their customers, so the All Slots Casino spares no effort. There are free phones offered a live chat provides emergency assistance at any time day or night and to send a mail to support the option is also still given.Understandably, the support team can not issue its own toll free number for any country in the world, however, but also in this regard presents the All Slots Casino as a very innovative and creative Casino: Customers who are located in areas that do not have toll-free numbers are for use, can Tell mail Report on Support and request a free call back. This is then taken promptly, which falls very positive in our review of All Slots Casino significant. 10/10 points.

  • Available 24 hours
  • free number and Callback Service

Design and Performance: functional and stable

Let’s face it: All Slots Casino will win certainly no price for their own design for the visual layout is kept too easy and provides too little attention spectacular or exciting about. Gelichzeitig turn can also be a simple and simple design quite have its advantages. This applies for example when obtrusive or ostentatious designs block the view of the essentials. Players want to play in casinos, and if this is not possible or difficult as a result of misleading, but extremely creative forwarding method, also the most exciting design has no great value.

Accordingly, many customers praise the simplicity at All Slots Casino: everyone quickly finds what he or she is looking for, the load times are pleasantly short, the build-up play runs smoothly and is in principle always reliable. 8/10.

  • simple design
  • well-structured page design

Live Casino: Special variants

AllSlotsCasino Live Casino: Special variants

Whoever enters the All Slots Casino Live Casino, should prepare themselves by vorherein on something. First of all, presents a classic and separately decorated Live Casino, which should appeal to many players at the beginning. All major games such as blackjack, roulette and Baccart are represented. There is on one hand a regular single and a multiplayer version, which can lead to a lot of fun, depending on individual preferences.

The special thing about All Slots Casino Live Casino is however probably primarily directed to the Lords of Creation: A Playboy variant of Live casinos. What exactly is behind this variation, we do not want to define at this point, but we think of the Editorial Team, that this should be clear to everyone. Taste can certainly argue, but we evaluate this offer as creative. 8/10 Puntken.

  • all important games available
  • with Playboy version

Limits and payout ratio: More than 95 percent

As explained above, the All Slots Casino has received a certification mark of eCOGRA.This now checks at regular intervals, the payout of the casino, which is then in turn be published on the casino site. So the player can check sufficiently before the casino is entered and it can be ensured that the results were not falsified. In this case, the eCOGRA seal of approval would retire immediately of course.

All Slots Casino has a payout ratio of over 95 percent, allowing a settlement at the top. The table limits are of course variable and depends on the selected game. VIP versions often allow some higher stakes, but this differs from game to game. 8/10.

  • Payout ratio of more than 95 percent
  • VIP versions with higher Purpose

Loyalty program and VIP Club: Good Key

AllSlotsCasino Loyalty program and VIP Club: Good Key

If the All Slots Casino the current welcome offer for new customers making a couple of mistakes, so these small deficiencies are ironed out the latest on the current loyalty program. Unlike many other casinos, All Slots Casino offers a really good key for conversion: Pro 10,00 EUR use, which will be played at the casino, a loyalty points will be credited. The can be even further increased by the achievement of certain levels. Later, the loyalty points can then dip as in other casinos also bonuses.

Even the VIP program at All Slots Casino is quite impressive, attractive bonuses, gifts and special offers waiting there but from all possible areas. In addition, the service team for VIP members shall again strikes one additional shovel up, which could facilitate the future games at All Slots Casino further. Notable other actions All Slots Casino at present however not in the program, which in terms of the rating is a bit unfortunate. 8/10 Puntken.

  • attractive loyalty program
  • interesting VIP Deals

Mobile App: With an added bonus

Of course, a casino as the All Slots Casino also has an app for mobile customers in the luggage. However, advance not reveal much about this except that it not only offers the regular welcome bonus but additionally offers a small deposit bonus of 5.00 euros.This may not seem to be particularly much for many players, but can just for those who want the mobile casino initially antesten only once, but already quite rich.

downloaded, the mobile casino can in various ways: Depending on the country of origin, it is available in the App Store, can but otherwise also be requested by mail or SMS. It is also possible to scan the specified QR code. 8/10.

  • with free bonus
  • good activation options

Our All Slots Casino Review: All Slots is multiplying

Sometimes it happens that we have to realize in our test, as once great casinos of powerful caliber increasingly disappear with time in the sinking. All Slots Casino Holds Steady powerful and vehemently against such a downfall, something like this in the near future should probably not be feared. Many areas that we examined in our test, are really in absolute world class. These include for example the excellent customer service, game selection, the safety concept and the VIP and loyalty programs. hand something less convincing was the welcome bonus for new customers.Accordingly, we can at this point only recommend to revise this bonus offer once again, to ascend in the hierarchy in the future even further. Until that time, however, there is a rating of 8.3 out of 10th
All Slots Casino is part of the Jackpot Factory Group and was at the very beginning of his career in 2000 winning a license from the Gaming Authority of Malta itself. That alone already the best conditions in order to be able to state that the All Slots Casino is…



Not a scam

All Slots Casino was founded in 1863 and now has a secure and reliable online platform.

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