Best forex brokers 2017 / Admiral scam or not? Review

Admiral scam or not? Review

In the international financial company Admiral Markets UK Ltd. is a leading broker for Forex and CFDs. The broker Admiral Markets was founded 2,001th Accordingly, the Admiral Markets experiences are far-reaching in its commercial areas. Founded brokers in Estonia, meanwhile, there are other branches in several other countries. These include Spain, Lithuania, Russia and the Asian region. In Germany, there is a branch for two years. As a commercial software Admiral Markets offers the best forex trading software Metatrader. The Admiral Markets experience, we were able to during our tests with the brokers were largely positive.Here, the Forex and CFD broker could not only convince with wide range of services, but also in the condition field.

Admiral scam or not? Review

5 arguments for Admiral Markets:

  • 1. A maximum leverage of 1: 500
  • 2. Trading account from 200 Euro deposit
  • 3. niedrige Spreads, z.B. 0,8 Pip bei EUR/USD
  • 4. Trading Software Metatrader (4/5)
  • 5. a lot of information for traders available

1. Regulation: Regulators ensure safety

Like all other investors also want traders in online trading know their money is in good hands. To ensure this, there have several supervisors set itself the task of monitoring the work of financial institutions and to ensure a smooth process.

The question of whether Admiral Markets fraud or is reputable hardly arises because a location in Germany will certainly not few traders as «proof» See that there is no Admiral Markets fraud or other inconsistencies. The broker is regulated by the FCA. In addition, the EU finance engage with the provisions of MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). In this context, there is also a deposit insurance of up to 100,000 euros per account.

Conclusion: The broker Admiral Markets is a fully regulated company. The supervisory acquires British FCA. Customer funds are protected on the MiFID with up to 100,000 euros per creditor.

2. What trade offer has Admiral Markets show for it?

Regarding the different trade types, so the trader via Admiral Markets primarily can currencies and CFDs act diverse underlying assets, especially in the field of stocks and indices. But even some commodities can be traded in this way. In the field of Forex trading traders can now account for around 30 different currency pairs to select.

There are a host of trading offer Brokers Admiral Markets include further both three different account types as well as a free trial account. In addition, the company offers its customers an intuitive trading platform and the possibility of mobile trading via app. Extensive training offerings and profitable promotional bonuses are also available.

Conclusion: In addition to the foreign exchange and CFD trading, are also customers the trading of raw materials available. Various models account and a demo account is also part of the repertoire of the Brokers. In addition, users can access professional trading applications and various training courses.

3. Trading Conditions & Minimum deposit: on the account, it comes

The amount of minimum deposit of which is for the account model Trader opt final determinant. In the Admiral.Markets account may already be part with 200 euros in active trading. For the other two account variants a is minimum sum of 1,000 Euro provided. But not only in this point, the trading accounts for differences, the spreads vary from model to model. Starting at the Admiral Markets variant of the trade from 0, 8 pips, the trading in the other two models starting at 0, 2 pips or even from 0 pips possible. For Limits No fees are charged for all three accounts.

Conclusion: The trading terms are the respective account model depends. These differ in the level of the minimum deposit and spreads. Limit fees are payable in any case.

4. Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: professional and uncomplicated

AdmiralMarkets Trading Platform and Mobile Trading: professional and uncomplicated

A big plus point is the broker Admiral Markets already gained in the trading platform. Because with Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 can provide customers a use leading Forex software to action. The trading platform can therefore impress in almost all respects, from the ease of use, about the many available tools and features to large clarity. Metatrader can moreover also be characterized in that the software is «compatible» with some other programs. In addition, traders via Admiral Markets can also use the mobile trading, for example, via smartphone possible is. Convinced us The app allows in terms of their clarity and the many features that are convenient and fast trading of the way. The application is available for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and available for free download in the respective app store ready.

Conclusion: At Admiral Markets professional trading platform MetaTrader is 4 and 5 used for trade. Friends of mobile commerce can, on an Admiral Markets app access. This free app is designed specifically for Apple iOS and Android.

5. Account Opening and bonus: three account models are available

Opening an account is the broker Admiral Markets Trader for free and can choose between three different types of accounts:

  • Admiral.Markets
  • Admiral.Prime
  • Admiral.MT5

Which account receives the model of a new customer, depends first and foremost on how high the minimum deposit is to be made.There Admiral.Markets The account from a deposit of 200 euros, while Admiral.Prime and the Admiral.MT5 there are at least 1,000 euros which must be paid. Also in terms of tradable instruments, there are differences in the account models. Thus, the account Admiral.Markets act 69 currencies and numerous CFDs. When Admiral.Prime account there are 62 currencies and 3 Spor metals CFDs. And the least selection offers MT5 account, with the 52 currencies and 2 Spot Metals CFDs can be traded.

There are many other differences as the lever, the spreads and commissions that characterize the accounts of Admiral Markets and so should the choice of be taken account model carefully. From time to time Admiral Markets offers a change bonus. Permanently may attend program traders at Admiral Club. As part of this bonus program of traders for each trade can earn points which later in attractive prices and gifts can be exchanged. Currently, the company has achieved a bonus for very active traders. From a minimum investment of 20,000 euros to customers, depending on how often they benefit from trading premiums at varying levels.

Conclusion: at Admiral Markets customers can choose between three different account types.These differ sufficiently their terms and services. Currently, the company offers a bonus for active traders with a deposit of 20,000 euros. The amount of the premium may vary depending upon the activity of the trader.

6. Demo Account: multiple free accounts possible

AdmiralMarkets Demo Account: multiple free accounts possible

With Admiral Markets Interested parties may also independently of the opening of a live account, register a demo account. This allows to test the customer trading strategies to their implementation, without running the risk of losing real money. In addition, users can try out the trading platform in peace and become familiar with the operation and the possibilities of application. It can even several demo accounts for free at the same time opens up and unlimited unless dealer login once in thirty days, be used.

Conclusion: The demo account Admiral Markets provides an opportunity to trade and the trading application debug in advance. The test account is free and indefinitely available. Even several demo accounts can be registered.

7. Service & Education: support and active trader bonuses

To the delight of all German customers, the broker has a German Support furnishings. This is from 9:00 am to reach daily by phone until 18:00. The live chat is also bound to these times. Who wants to present his request after business hours, can take over the e-mail address or form contact with the employees. However, traders should not forget to include your contact information for feedback.For traders who still have little experience in the field of online trading, Admiral Markets has a comprehensive knowledge portal established. In addition to general information about the trading, find there detailed reports regarding CFDs, Forex and order types. In addition, the company provides regular Admiral Markets Webinars , that enrich for advanced traders.

Conclusion: The German-language support is available to customers by telephone and via live chat daily from 9: oo pm to 18:00 pm. About e-mail or by completing a form is also a contact possible. In the training courses is Webinars and diverse products, which introduces the trader to trade CFDs and Forex.

8. Deposits and withdrawals: How does the money transfer?

AdmiralMarkets Deposits and withdrawals: How does the money transfer?

A good selection of payment methods Trader allow flexibility in transferring money. The company Admiral Markets offers its customers four different payment options.

This includes:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Skrill
  • IMMEDIATELY Transfer
In all variants fortunately are no deposit fees estimated. There are differences, however, in the duration of the credit. Who wants to carry out transactions by bank transfer, should be aware that it may take several days to complete, to the sum of money is credited, whereas the other payment methods promise an almost instantaneous credit. Deposits and withdrawals are accepted only from cards or accounts of the owner of the trading account withdrawals can be made via the customer portal «Trader Room». If traders have made their deposits via Skrill, and withdrawals can continue to take place only through this method.Comprehensive information on the deposits and withdrawals can be viewed interested customers on the website of the broker Admiral Markets. Also, the customer support will help in this case, certainly you.

Conclusion: Admiral Markets has four different payment methods. All deposits are free of charge and only differ in the duration of the credit. Payouts take Trader before via the customer portal «Trader Room». Users can obtain on the website accurate information about the methods of payment and also contact the customer support with questions.

9. What about the seriousness of Admiral Markets?

Admiral Markets: scam or legitimate? This question is perhaps some traders, for the broker generally as a provider is eligible. Therefore, we would also address this issue in our detailed test report. We can say to our experience with Admiral Markets with great conviction and certainty that Admiral Markets is reputable. For a possible Admiral Markets fraud or other irregularities we found absolutely no evidence. Not only the fact that the broker is officially regulated and even a new branch in Germany, we consider a clear proof that Admiral Markets is reputable. In addition, the broker also offers its customers a variety of tools, services and information on a purely voluntary basis on. In addition, the cost is often very low in the form of spreads, which also suggests the seriousness of Admiral Markets. If to the contrary are noisy, so we believe it involves baseless rumors.

Conclusion: Our report shows that Admiral Markets may well convince with seriousness. The strict regulation and transparent conditions speak clearly against a fraud on the part of the broker.

10. Conclusion: Our experience Admiral Markets: Broker with good conditions

Our conclusion for Forex and CFD broker Admiral Markets is positive, there could convince in many areas throughout our brokers.These is (among other forex ECN), so that from beginners to professionals all customer groups served as the good choice of different types of accounts. Moreover, there is an unlimited Wi demo account, mobile commerce and also in some trading conditions can convince the broker, in particular by the low spread on EUR / USD and DAX CFDs. The following points we believe are the best arguments for choosing this broker:

1. mobile commerce is made possible on virtually any mobile device

2. different types of accounts provide flexibility

3. very high maximum leverage of 1: 500

4. Minimum deposit 200 euros rather low for a forex broker

5. low spreads and attractive bonus program

In the international financial company Admiral Markets UK Ltd. is a leading broker for Forex and CFDs. The broker Admiral Markets was founded 2,001th Accordingly, the Admiral Markets experiences are far-reaching in its commercial areas. Founded brokers in Estonia, meanwhile, there are other branches in several other countries. These include…



Not a scam

Admiral Markets has completely persuaded me in the test. I recommend this broker to everyone!

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