Best bookmakers 2017 / 1× scam or not? Review

1× scam or not? Review

1 × 2-Bet is since 2001 a part of the virtual betting scene. However, the bookmaker has yet recorded no resounding success in Germany. Why is this? Is there possibly even 1 × 2-Bet Scam? In extensive testing, we have taken the online bookmakers closer look. The most important fact was preceded directly. 1 × 2-Bet is reputable. The weaknesses of the bookies are likely to find in the daily business.

The label is managed by the Eldorado Sportwetten GmbH NV, which licenses can boast of Curacao and from Greece. High marks earned 1 × 2-bet in the depth of the betting options. also move in particular the major football leagues, the quotations on a very high level. For the German betting Friends lucrative nature is enhanced, since 1 × 2-bet paid the entire sports betting tax out of pocket. Whoever enters a profit at bookmakers, the money obtained at lightning speed. The payouts are initiated super fast. All transfers are also generally free of charge.

The strengths of 1 × 2-Bet

  • Safe bookmaker licensed within the EU
  • Partly very high outsider Odds
  • Deposits and withdrawals always free of charge
  • No sports betting tax for German customers
  • In the depth of the betting options very good

Bet offer / Live Betting — very thin in width

1x2-bet Bet offer / Live Betting - very thin in width

The betting range of 1 × 2-Bet is unerringly focused on the main sports. Usually, the Bookie has only ten disciplines on offer. In the first place must be mentioned here are, with a huge distance of King Football.

1 × 2-Bet has all the major European leagues on the screen. In other parts of the world’s, there is also the beautiful game some gaps. Behind the football follow the usual suspects, ie tennis, hockey and basketball. In real exotics 2-Bet is deliberately avoided in our experience with 1 ×.

A special praise deserves the depth of betting opportunities. In the most important football leagues the games are provided with consistently above 170 special bets. With this value of Bookie the top center field from associates sportsbook comparison a.

The Live bets are a mirror image of the pre-match sector. Football and tennis in real time take a prominent position. In the totality of 1 × 2-bet is live but well behind the market leaders.Attractive frame rates — for example, the live streaming broadcasts — are not offered. Test: 7 points

Bonus — The surprise offer a dud

1x2-bet Bonus - The surprise offer a dud

In Bonus comparison ‘s on the bookmaker a «rude awakening». Some customers will ask at this point the legitimate question whether 1 × 2-Bet acting seriously. The Bookie is working to start with a surprise bonus. While this may sound exciting and full of promise, but is not very customer friendly. The fact is that the users do not know when their application with which they are greeted offer — a no-go. The Bonus will be shown only after the contributions paid. The 1 × 2-Bet Bonus moves summarily between 20 and 100 euros. Percentage’s also variations.

The wagering requirements round out the «negative» overall picture in our view. 1 × 2-Bet uses a four-stage model, which have to go through the player. In the first level, only the bonus to roll. In the further steps the premium, including previously earned profits must be implemented.Basically, this is true, the minimum ratio of 2.0. In practice, the majority of new customers will fail miserably during bonus free spins. Even genuine sports betting professionals are expected at 1 × 2 Bet have extreme difficulties.

Positive can only be noted that the bonus will be managed separately from own funds and that the bookmaker is dispensed to a time frame to meet the rollover requirements. For a good overall grade from 1 × 2-Bet Bonus Code but this is never ever enough. Test: 4 points

Customer Support — competent

1x2-bet Customer Support - competent

The service team from bookmakers earned overall a very good score. The test showed that the 1 × 2-Bet employees motivated shown expertly and England.

The support is clearly trying as quickly as possible to solve the problems of users.Accessibility from the customer is given around the clock. A small disadvantage at this point is that is dispensed with a live chat. The written requests must be received generally by email.Positive is the reaction time. The answers you end up after a few hours in the email subject.With standard texts I have to give a customer satisfied with 1 × 2-Att. All emails will be written individually. The telephone availability of the online bookmaker is passed through a Greek landline number. With a low cost for a foreign telephone call should be calculated.

After our 1 × 2-Bet experience but contacting the service team is often not necessary. The betting provider is working with a very extensive and transparent FAQ menu on the homepage.The most important information, users may select at this point in a few minutes even. Test: 8 points

Payment — Payments extremely fast

1x2-bet Payment - Payments extremely fast

The transfer portfolio itself is kept quite clear. 1 × 2-Bet supports only a few payment methods.Recognized at the bookmaker checkout are the Visa and MasterCard. Those who want to bring the bank deposit in real time on his account, can use the Sofortü are supported in addition to e-wallets Skrill by Moneybookers and Neteller. For smaller, more anonymous Deposits also the Paysafecard can be used. All deposits are accepted in general charge of 1 × 2-Att.

Free and extremely fast are the payouts. 1 × 2-Bet puts profit before instructions at all technically possible paths which have already been used to make deposits. This applies the principle of the closed cash cycle, ie the profits are generally refunded up to the deposit amount on the same transfer path. The internal processing of withdrawal requests takes a maximum of 24 hours to complete. Test: 8 points

Odds — The differences are partly considerably

The betting odds level is unfortunately not very balanced. The most important football leagues working 1 × 2-bet with a very attractive payout mathematical approach, which is almost always above the 95% line. This Topofferten limited to our experience but on the Champions and Europa League as well as the highest leagues in England, Germany, Spain and Italy. In less important matches or in the field to frame disciplines odds drop significantly in the basement.The overall average 1 × 2-bet comes just above a value of 92 percent. A small trend can be seen towards outsiders. The Underdogs are partly equipped with excellent odds. Customers who pursue such a sports betting strategy, I will feel on top at 1 × 2-Att. Test: 8 points

Website — Not very attractive, but operate

1x2-bet Website - Not very attractive, but operate

Although the first impression of the site is not devastating, but also invites not really cheering jumps a. The Home of 1 × 2-bet makes a somewhat uninspired, rather dull impression.

Furthermore, the arrangement of the menu is selected to be somewhat atypical. If the customer has found its way into the sports betting view, however, it is quite simple. The predictions is performed usually with three or four clicks. The clarity at this point, however, is owed a little to narrow betting program — so honest you should be. Test: 7 points

Mobile App — for all systems an app, but …

Betting via smartphone and tablets can be placed easily. Recommended but the 1 × 2-Bet mobile app is only conditionally. In our experience, customers do not have complete access to all betting markets and options. Some offers are not available on the go. In addition, the structure of the app is a bit «failed». Of clarity and intuitive user interface can mobile at Bookie not really be any question.

Technically, 1 × 2-bet but the most customer-friendly variant. The optimized version Homepage — respectively the web app — has been shown in testing with all major end systems compatible. A download is usually not necessary. 1 × 2-bet only has to be selected in the mobile browser. Test: 6 points

Security / licensing — No defects detected

1x2-bet Security / licensing - No defects detected

Scams 1 × 2-bet can be excluded 100 percent. The main license of the bookmaker comes from the regulatory authorities in Curacao. The small Caribbean nation has demonstrated in recent years that the licenses issued are estimated as recoverable. License control is also strict.

The final leap of faith, however, should be given due to the Greek EU license. The betting provider is in Alexandria with an independent subsidiary at work. The approval from Greece also provides for the German customers for secure legal environment. Test: 10 points

Sponsoring — No known activities

In the field of sponsorship 1 × 2-bet has not yet made its appearance in our experience.However, it would certainly not fair, it «to turn knitting» the bookmaker a. In 1 × 2-Bet review we want it therefore left at this point even with a neutral rating. Test: 5 points.

Betting Duty — The Bookie pay the England tax

The highest score in the 1 × 2-Bet’s test for non-calculation of the German betting tax. Of course, the bookmaker must pay to the government five percent of all local revenues. But the burden is borne by the betting provider alone. At this point, of course, reveals an advantage of the relative obscurity of the bookies. 1 × 2-Bet starts the special load with significantly higher sales in other countries — for the benefit of German sports bettor. For the user it is always called «gross = net». It does not matter whether the betting slips have won or lost. If successful, the income is recorded with no deductions to the players account. Who successfully placed its Betting Picks with a bet of 100 euros and a betting odds of 2.5, gets paid the full 250 euros.Test: 10 points

Conclusion to 1 × 2-Bet — overall appearance rather mixed

The most important fact in the field report is certainly the fact that 1 × 2-Bet works reputable. The security can be assessed as positive the bookmaker without compromising. Licences from Curacao and Greece are clear and irrefutable quality seal. But even in everyday business’s sustainable Seriositätskennzeichen. In the first place is unquestionably the betting tax exemption for German users to call. Lucrative are mainly the football betting in the top leagues. The betting program itself is competitive only in depth. Pros visit in addition to the skilled, the German customer support and for the toll-free deposits and withdrawals, including the super quick profit statements. The design of the website and the mobile sports betting app however leaves something to be desired. Complete a shot on target sees the welcome offer. The bonus is not competitive. In the first review, it is sufficient for 1 × 2-bet to 7.3 out of 10 ten possible test points.
1 × 2-Bet is since 2001 a part of the virtual betting scene. However, the bookmaker has yet recorded no resounding success in Germany. Why is this? Is there possibly even 1 × 2-Bet Scam? In extensive testing, we have taken the online bookmakers closer look. The most important fact…



Not a scam

1 × 2-Bet is a safe and reliable poker room with many and varied games & tournaments.

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